Blaineley hurts Heather

In "Chinese Fake-Out", Blaineley smacks Heather to gain advantage.

Blaineley is first shown, in "Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special", as a host for "Celebrity Manhunt". She, along with Josh, tracks down what the contestants did a year after TDA ended. She develops a crush on Justin, aho has enough flavor for his band. Near the end of the episode, she announces to Geoff, who got Justin, Trent, Beth, Katie, Sadie, and Eva disqualified from TDWT, that they missed out on the third season of "Total Drama".

In the first TDWT Aftermath, she knows that Geoff was at fault for getting the Peanut Gallery disqualified from TDWT. She even reunites Harold's band to sing about LeShawna. She also adds injury to insult on Bridgette's kiss with Alejandro.

In the second aftermath, she causes much chaos in the telethon to raise more money, which doubles to repair the studio.

In the third aftermath, she sends Bridgette away to Siberia, angering Geoff in the process. This endues Geoff, and the Drama Brothers to sing a song about Blaineley. Blaineley accidentally wins the Aftermath Second Chance Challenge aganist Beth, who almost had the win.

Upon debuting on TDWT, she develops a friendship with Owen, who is paired with Blaineley in the Wedding Challenge. During Owen's elimination, she shows concern when he is about to take the Drop of Shame. In China, she is finally eliminated when Heather spots her cheating in the challenge.